Life Lately | Febru-weary

As much as I only want to post mostly sunny, positive, and good things on this blog, I've come to realize that hindi pala keri. Life isn't all sunny episodes. And, I don't want to portray one that has it all together (in this life nor in this blog)-- because, there's no such thing. It's… Continue reading Life Lately | Febru-weary


Poem | Dandelion Wishes

You make her want to wish, but not the kind most people think, not wishes of fortune, beauty, nor fame. She wishes to fit into your mold. She wishes to be bold, filled with a lot of guts to speak her mind. She wishes to be more outgoing, less likely to spend time alone. She wishes… Continue reading Poem | Dandelion Wishes


Life Lately | January ’18

This morning, upon checking my inbox, I saw this emailed letter from FutureMe. I was happy and surprised because I have already forgotten about this letter I wrote a month ago. I love receiving letters (may it be from others or from my past self. haha). Letters from my past self (surprisingly) encourage me or… Continue reading Life Lately | January ’18

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What to Tell Yourself When Your Failures Start to Limit You

As I was sorting my files on my Google drive, I came upon this piece I wrote (but never published anywhere) in Feb of 2017. I actually forgot about it after writing it. But, I know seeing it again this new year is no accident. It's a great read to help me start 2018. P.S.… Continue reading What to Tell Yourself When Your Failures Start to Limit You


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V

Rest your weary feet. There's a longer road to take. Pause, but do not quit. | Pause | 092917 | When hope is missing, Know that it's not yet the end. Your story goes on. | Semicolon | 083117 | In the raging seas when I'm too close to sinking, Your light gives me hope.… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus IV

Dear little light bulb, You're not meant to shine alone. Plug in to a source. | Light | 081717 | Oh what joy it is to see life in full color after dark detours. | Color | 061317 | Never giving up — That's how your love is for me. Always pursuing. | J316 |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus IV


Poem | The Leaf Who’s Afraid to Fall

It's finally fall season once again, where leaves are slowly changing colors — turning from greens to browns and yellows. But unlike most, one stays the same. In the many autumns that passed, that one leaf stayed connected to its branch — trying her best not to detach and free fall. Her fears and insecurities… Continue reading Poem | The Leaf Who’s Afraid to Fall