Poem | SOS

​Her thoughts brew a storm. There seems to be no escape. Her insecurities scream. They pull her down and drown her. She needs saving. She needs not a raft nor a boat. She needs a who — the One who calms storms, the One who parts the sea, the One who quiets the wind. She knows… Continue reading Poem | SOS


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V

Rest your weary feet. There's a longer road to take. Pause, but do not quit. | Pause | 092917 | When hope is missing, Know that it's not yet the end. Your story goes on. | Semicolon | 083117 | In the raging seas when I'm too close to sinking, Your light gives me hope.… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus IV

Dear little light bulb, You're not meant to shine alone. Plug in to a source. | Light | 081717 | Oh what joy it is to see life in full color after dark detours. | Color | 061317 | Never giving up — That's how your love is for me. Always pursuing. | J316 |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus IV


Poem | The Leaf Who’s Afraid to Fall

It's finally fall season once again, where leaves are slowly changing colors — turning from greens to browns and yellows. But unlike most, one stays the same. In the many autumns that passed, that one leaf stayed connected to its branch — trying her best not to detach and free fall. Her fears and insecurities… Continue reading Poem | The Leaf Who’s Afraid to Fall


(Don’t) “Go for What Makes You Happy”

I chanced upon an FB live of a local radio show yesterday afternoon while they were interviewing a local band. They were talking about issues about love, relationships, and other similar things. Then, during the course of the interview, one of the band members said (non-verbatim), "If all people will go for what makes them… Continue reading (Don’t) “Go for What Makes You Happy”


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus III

Dear sir songwriter, I'm off to find a new song. Until then, so long. | Goodbye Song | 081717 | Tempted to escape. That's how I am when you're near. Though, I want to stay. | Crush | 081717 | Our story's ended. A new chapter awaits me. A new me ensues. | Epilogue |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus III