Poem | Gas Stops

There are times when our spirit seems like
a gas tank that goes from full to empty.

There’s nothing left to go another half a mile
or even move even just a meter.

Sometimes, the tiny one inside us
gets all tired, weary, thirsty, and drained.

We need to push harder ‘til we reach
the nearest gas stop and be filled to the full.

Once in a while, gas comes in the form of
‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘you are worth it’.

Most of the time, to be filled up again
means to be at least appreciated.

To keep going, one has to find ways
to raise their own tanks from empty to full.

Even when it gets harder per destination,
we need to gas up and go on.


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a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time.

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