A Shoe Tale

I missed writing about my realizations and “muni-muni’s” in life. Hehe. Today was a day filled with so many little things that brought huge smiles to my day!

Here’s one of them.

After work, I went to the mall to buy my niece’s first birthday gift. Before going to the department store, I roamed around the mall to unwind then passed by Payless. I have been eyeing one pair of shoe ever since. But, before buying anything I always ask myself, “Do I need this or I just want it?” I learned this from my mamaaa. Hehe I don’t really need it then, so I just spent my money on my real needs.

Every time I pass by Payless, I always see that pair. I just don’t buy it, I just window shop. Haha. Since I don’t need them yet, I just tell myself that if the shoes are really for me, it will still be there no matter what. If not, then it’s fine with me. Months came, the shoes went on SALE. Too sad, I need running shoes than sneakers. It’s still not for me again.

Months after, which is today, I saw the pair again and it’s still on SALE. I’ve been thinking twice whether I’ll buy it at hand or buy a present for my niece first. If I bought it at hand, I’ll be going to pay 550+ pesos (not bad). I just decided to buy my niece’s gift first because it’s the real reason why I went to the mall.

After more than an hour of looking for the best present for my niece, I went back to Payless. Yes, I really take time in buying presents. Hehehe. As I went back to Payless, I tried the shoe again and went straight to the cashier to pay. But, the cashier told me if I wouldn’t mind if I wait for the other woman who was also buying her pair of shoe. The cashier told me that they have a promo, once you buy 2 shoes, you’ll get the other pair at 50% off. And so, I told her, I wouldn’t mind pairing up with the other woman.

To my delight, I got another discount and got the shoe at 460. Haha. Not only that, I’ve done the other woman a favor too.

So, was this post about the shoe and the discount? Maybe, partly yes. But, this little shoe tale reminded me of the concepts of waitingtiming, and blessing.

Most of the time, we hurry things. We always act based purely on our feelings. And most often, we regret the choices we do without thinking. Timing is important in anything. We shouldn’t hurry. If I had followed my wants over my needs, I would have paid the shoe at a much higher price. I would have missed the blessing in this case, the huge discountSometimes, when we forget to wait and when we hurry things, we miss God’s blessings.

I also remembered a quote I read from @iamsuperbianca’s tweet. It said, “What is for you will not pass you by”. In life, when God gives us signs that something isn’t for us yet, we should let go and trust Him. He knows best. Quiet yourself and listen to Him. That “thing” may not be for you for now, but in God’s perfect time, if it’s really for you, He will even be the one to hand it to you, and tell you, “I am glad you waited”.

When we hurry things, we miss what’s best for us. Let’s also be reminded of our priorities. Yes, even with money. When we listen solely to ourselves, we fail to hear God say, “wait”.

I thank God for a new pair of shoe. More than that, I thank Him for reminding me about so many things through this little shoe tale.

I hope we start to learn the beauty of waiting even in the littlest of things. There is beauty in waiting. Good night! ♥

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