Poem | She

She is fond of the little things,
little kids, poetry, movies, and singing.
Oh how she loves the moon,
and gazing at flowers in full bloom.

She always loves to laugh,
even when things get tough.
Oh how she likes to write,
spilling emotions with no fright.

She likes to hang at bookstores,
there she never gets bored.
Oh how she admires the stars,
like finding beauty in the ugliest of scars.

She looks like she never talks,
but wait ‘til you hear her speak in long walks.
Oh how she loves solitude,
it keeps her reboot her mood.

She has a fascination for all types of art,
so you better be ready and take heart.
Oh how she loves to talk non-stop,
when her interests you get to tap.

She rarely says a word at first meetings,
but when she gets cozy she keeps on talking.
Oh just wait ‘til you hear her stories,
she has a lot to tell about sad and happy endings.

She’s like a clam hiding in her shell,
it takes time to get to know her well.
Oh take heart and persevere,
and she’ll let you in with no fear.

She is the girl I am still discovering,
who she really is, what she is believing.
Oh how I love to get to know her more,
the girl I am behind closed doors.

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