All About Love


As you flip your calendar to this month, what comes to your mind?

It’s LOVE, right?

The four-letter word becomes the trending topic – including every single thing and any thing related to it. Flowers. Couples. Romance. Relationship. Hearts. Chocolates. Love life. Love letters. Kilig.

But, love is more than that. Love is far greater than the butterflies we get when we receive flowers or letters or chocolates from someone special. Love is far greater than kilig.

If so, then, what is love?

Want to know what real love is and where it comes from? Here’s a spoken word poetry by Brian Vee entitled, “Ang ABaKaDa ng Tunay na Pag-Ibig.

To appreciate this piece even more, click here for the transcript. #Grabe #Solid #Feels

It may sound OA, but I’ve listened to this piece for more than 30x already (Thank you Teehee!). I discovered this last night because of a video shared by a friend on Facebook when they attended Victory UBelt’s youth service. So, I searched for the poet, then I was led to his other pieces. When I saw “Ang ABaKaDa ng Tunay na Pag-Ibig“, I was amazed and happy to hear a spoken word piece that’s not all #HugotLevels.

I felt like I was listening to the greatest love letter ever. As I kept on listening to this piece on countless repeats, the impact of every line gets deeper and stronger. Every line is full of meaning, but I guess the lines below spoke to me the strongest.

RA – ragasa ang dugo mula sa sugatan kong katawan
pero sa oras na kakailanganin mo ng tagapagligtas
SA – saluhin kita
gamit ang mga kamay na ikaw mismo ang nagpako, pangako
TA – tanggapin kita at ang buo mong pagkatao…

What does these lines mean?

It is my sins that crucified Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. Yet, the hands that were pierced by nails on the cross are the same hands that He used to save me from the pit of my sins.

Romans 5:8
“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

God loved us first, even when we don’t even know what love is yet. God loves us even in our most unlovable self. God loves us not because of what we’ve done or what we’ll do. God loves us because that is His character. He is love, after all.

Romans 6:23
“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

But, our sins separated us from God. Yet, because He is love, He wants us to be reconciled with Him. Thus, the gift – eternal life through Jesus Christ. A gift. But, a gift can only be enjoyed when accepted, right? The choice is yours.

Love is an unconditional commitment directed to imperfect people to seek their highest good, which often requires sacrifice.”

There’ll be seasons in our lives when we’ll look for love in different places, in certain situations or circumstances, and in people. But, we can’t find a love like that of God’s elsewhere. The greatest kind of love can only be felt from God alone.

Can you imagine that love?
Don’t you want that kind of love?

That love can change you the way you’ve never imagined. But, mind you, like any other “love relationships,” it won’t always be smooth sailing.

WA – wasakin kita
Pupungusan hanggang sa sukuan ka ng sarili mong damdamin
hanggang sa ang nadurog mong puso ay maaari ko nang salain
Maniwala ka, mas mahirap to para sakin
pero dahil mahal kita kailangan kitang subukin

Huwag kang mangamba.
dahil sa gitna ng lahat ng durog na bato at mga pader na tumumba yayakapin kita.

YA – yakapin kita, ng sobrang higpit
hanggang sa ang mga piraso ng puso mo’y muling magdikit
yayakapin kita
hanggang sa ang tibok ng puso mo at ang tibok ng puso ko ay magtugma
ikaw, ang paborito kong tula.

There will be pruning and refining to bring out the best in me and you. But, through every circumstance we’ll experience in life, we would never have to face them alone. Someone great’s got our backs.

Spread the love. 💌


    • Salamatttttttttt, soul sister for the encouragement! 🙂 Me too. I pray din na hindi ako magsulat para sa sarili kong purposes lang. Hehehe


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