Poem | The Match

Let’s get ready to rumble!,” I always hear.
Everyday is a boxing match
with our thoughts as the contenders,
and with our minds as the boxing ring.

On the left corner are the deafening lies.
You are no good. You are not even pretty.
You can’t do anything good in this life.
Your past defines you and your future.

On the right are the truths that fight back.
You are special. You are wonderfully made.
You are born to make a difference.
You are made new. You are a new creation.

But, the fighter on the left won’t just give up.
It will keep knocking out with punches,
to cover and blur the eyes from the truths.
It’s bound to steal punches, kill, and destroy.

So, the man on the right will set the defense.
With every punch of lies, he fights harder.
With every knockout, he stands back up.
He won’t just let himself lose the fight.

Who would you cheer for ’til the end?
The boxing ring is in the palm of your hands.
And the winner is …
We hold the score cards to the biggest match.

We choose who the winner is.
Are we letting the lies take home the belt?
Or, are we letting the truths win?
Or, are we settling for both? A tie, maybe?

In this life, we have power over our choices.
We can choose who we give the victory to.


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a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time.

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