Poem | Of Insecurities and Antidotes

When my mirror says I ain’t pretty,
I tell myself – that may be true.
But, my God and Creator says
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
He knows me better than I do.
I’m not destined to just be ‘pretty’.
It’s just a five-letter adjective.
We are to be pretty nice, pretty kind,
pretty loving – all that.

When I feel like a failure and
not succeed at things I try to do,
I’ll go back to the Word.
Yes, I can’t succeed by myself.
But, I can do all things – anything –
through Him who is my strength.
I can do even the greatest
of things even the unimaginable
if I source my strength in Him.

Whenever I feel unloved, rejected,
unnoticed, and unappreciated,
I feel ashamed and embarrassed.
It’s because I remember Him,
the cross, and His sacrifice.
God loved me at my worst.
And, it is only He that could
do that greatest act. Then,
I’d remember I’m greatly loved.

I still get insecure at some days,
and experience low points in my life.
But, I’ve realized that all the
negative thoughts banging in my head
are brought about by the times
I pull my gaze upon His eyes.
I had many lies I used to believe.
But, God sure knows what to do,
He puts a rest in my insecurities.

I wish I had known Him all along.
I wish I had anchored my security
in Him all my life from day one.
But, I guess it’s all in His timing.
He met me in my pool of insecurities.
He rescued me from drowning.
I figured out that the sole antidote
to my insecurities and low self worth
is knowing my real identity in Christ. ♥


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a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time.

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