A Letter to the Young Ones We Once Were

There are times when life hits us and shoots us with thoughts we can’t seem to handle. So many questions pile up our minds and tear up our eyes. And, at times, we won’t find all the answers. Well, I guess that’s how life works. That’s how life on earth is.

If I had only known how my life will end up twenty plus years after, then I might have dealt with my past differently. But, there’s no going back. And if you’re young and happen to read this, you don’t have to go through the same course I went through. Don’t wait for yourself to grow up and realize the years you’ve lost along the way. Look at life differently.

To read my complete letter, click here and read it from my Thought Catalog profile. (Yay!)

I wish I could tell these things to my younger self. But, no. There’s no such truth to time machines. We only get one shot at our lives. There’s no magic door to go back to the past. But, there’s only one thing we can and must start doing.

It is to look at life with anticipation and pursue the future versions we are to become. It’s time to move forward. And, it’s our chance and privilege to help the young ones of the present be better than the “young ones we once were.” ✉

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