Spoken Word Poetry Favorite | Serge Gabriel

My love for Spoken Word Poetry started with Phil and Sarah Kay. But, of the many Filipino Spoken Word artists, Brian Vee and Serge Gabriel are my ultimate favorites. Thanks to Victory UBelt and Stages Sessions! And, when I say favorite, I really do mean it. I find myself watching and listening to their videos on countless repeatsssssssssssss — while at work, during lunch break, when I get home, and so on.

But, on this blog, I’ll archive my favorite Spoken Word poems from Serge Gabriel. His poetry pierce through the heart in an amazing way. He’s really gifted with orchestrating words together. He’s like the light that glows over the usual #hugot poets. Whenever I get to hear him speak his magic with his poetry, I get inspired to write. I wish I could see him perform live.

This admiration for his poetry — that I guess wouldn’t end anytime soon. hehe — started when a friend tagged me to one of Clara Benin’s videos featured on the Stages Sessions page. Segue: Clara is one of my favorite Filipino musicians! Then, I browsed the other videos, and it led me to Serge Gabriel’s “The Best Version of Myself.” At present, I couldn’t seem to stop listening to his pieces. His poetry is like music to my ears.

“I will be the best version of myself
the day you decide to walk into my life;
‘Cause God knows that when you do,
I never want you to walk out of it.”

Janjararan, my other favorite Serge Gabriel piece, “Everyday.” P.S. Readyyyyy your heart.

“You know people think everyday is not romantic but I think it is.
So, if you’ll let me, if I may, let me give you all these days.
And if you’ll let me, if I may, … I hope you’ll let me start today.”

And his latest piece, “Wonderboy,” I can’t seem to stop listening to over and over again. In fact, I listened to it on countless repeats while working on my article for work. Even when this brilliant piece is already two months old, every time I listen to it again, it still feels like the first time. I hope you’ll listen to this as well. And, more than that, I hope you’ll never ever lose your sense of wonder.

You know what, it’s hard for me to quote a few lines from this piece. Every line seems to be a favorite. This is truly a wonder-ful (pun intended) and brilliant piece. Oh boy, you really run deep.

Honestly, the sole purpose of this post is to put together spoken word pieces that inspire me — that I could always go back to. I hope it would do the same with you. Be inspired always. Ciao! 💛

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