Poem | My Home

They say, a big world is out there
But all I want is a place I could call home;
And in Your outstretched arms
I found the home I was looking for.

Wherever my feet may lead me,
Wherever my dreams may take me,
Whatever this life makes out of me
I will always find my home in You.

Like a bird flying over different skies,
I may wander and get a bit lost at times.
But I will always go back to my place of solace
— the nest that is solely found in You.

Like a sailor setting his ship for the sea,
My anchors may loosen up and detach.
But I will always find my way back to You
— the port where I was meant to dock.

I may go off looking for adventures.
I may explore the big world out there.
But my heart will always go home to You.
No. Scratch that. I will take You, my home,
with me wherever I may go to.

“Home is where the heart is,” they say.
As for me, my heart is where my home is.
So, lead me on. Be my compass.
Take my heart where it’s meant to stay.


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