What’s so special with August 17(s)?

I’m the type of person who doesn’t really believe in lucky numbers, lucky days, or any other “lucky” stuff. I’d rather call them special than lucky.

For some reason I don’t know yet, August 17 started to become a really special and unique day in my life since the August 17th of 2013. For a four-year streak, this day has really been favored with something good to remember. I always find myself thankful on an August 17. And, to be honest, after experiencing great things on this day, I kind of look forward to the next one.


Back then (in 2012), I was crushing on someone because of his music. Hehe. I follow him on Twitmusic, Soundcloud, and YouTube. And, somehow listening to his music has been a part of my routine. Then, in 2013, he got signed into a music company and released his first single. During that time, there’s an ongoing promo, a few fans who’ll download his single will get a chance to meet him in person. As someone who’s been a constant listener, syempre I downloaded the single without really expecting to win and be part of that. If my memory serves me right, I downloaded the song a day before the promo ended. Hehe.

On August 14, I was surprised to see my name posted on the list of the ten people who’ll get to bond with him in person. Honestly, I prayed about about what may happen after I downloaded that song. Ewan, bakit ko nga ba biglang naisingit nun yun sa pagdadasal ko. Sabi ko, God, if kagustuhan mo, go po, if not, then no. Kaya when I saw my name, I was like, talaga ba?! My friends were more excited than me. Haha. I was happy. Really happy. But, I was more nervous than excited. Buti na lang, I discovered that one of those in the list like me is a friend of someone I know. In fact, we have lots of mutual friends. Amazing, right? We clicked right away too! The fact that I know someone there made me less nervous too.

On this same day in 2013, that great memory happened. We got to meet him. I got to meet other girls that became my friends too. I felt comfortable hanging out with everyone. It was fun. He sang us a few covers and originals. We ate, laughed, joked around, took photos, and said our goodbyes. I got to talk to them & him a bit through FB even months after. That August 17 really was a day to remember. I didn’t imagine that this would be the start of the “special” August 17’s of the coming years.


The same day in 2014, I found myself taking the licensure examination for teachers (LET) at UE. I was even nervous because I didn’t have much time to review as I was working. I only got to sneak out and review a month before the board exam at a coffee shop near my office in Ortigas, then go home to Bulacan right after. More than that, Educ was only my second course. I only had 18 units for that. But during my review days, a verse spoke to me. It was about Abraham’s servant being asked to look for a wife for Isaac. He prayed that if God will’s that he’ll find a wife for Isaac, then so be it.

β€œWhen I came to the spring today, I said, β€˜Lord, God of my master Abraham, if you will, please grant success to the journey on which I have come.  (Gen. 24:42)

And from then, that has been my prayer too. Kari Jobe’s ‘Steady my heart’ has been my song. These two calmed my worries. I entrusted the journey of taking the LET to the Lord.

Waiting for the results of the LET is so loooooooooong. My heart’s been kind of nervous for months. Hehe. But, on the 27th of October, thank God, I passed the boards. Yay! A close friend called me by the phone as I was looking for my name on the list of passers. But, behind the joy, I was sad that the friend who’s been with me in this journey didn’t make it.


A month after I took the LET in 2014, I resigned from my previous work at the radio station. Although at some point, it has been my comfort zone, I long for growth and I wanted to try something else. I also thought that I need some time to think things through in my life and career. So, after my resignation, I kind of gave myself the much needed rest I missed when I started working right after graduation. I didn’t send any application to other companies yet. I’m really just enjoying my rest before entering the workforce again. More than that, I was praying for a job that will really suit me + with a location that’s nearer than Ortigas. Hehe

During my rest period, a friend who’s working in one of the largest TV stations asked me to send her my resume. I did. A few days later, I got a call for a pre-employment exam. And, a day after that, got the news that I passed the examination. I just needed to wait for a department to be placed in. Months passed, no news still.

While I was anticipating the call from that company, I received an email from JobStreet. That has been a special email because I didn’t see it coming. It led me to where I work now. In that email is a list of possible jobs I could apply for. But, there’s one job that caught my interest – Creative Content Writer,  Malolos. Whoah! I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Sa TV, Film, or Magazine nga lang. Hehe. But hey, that’s still a writing job. To cut the long story short, I sent my resume, got interviewed, underwent an on-the-spot writing exam, and got hired! Yay! I also thank my additional writing tasks from my previous job. It became a stepping stone to where I am now.

I started working as a writer for this company in February 16 of 2015. Did you know that the TV company called me on my third day of work as a writer? Too late!  Hehe. Anyway, 6 months after, on the 17th of August, a Monday, I got regularized as a creative content writer. At present, I’m on my 1 1/2 year mark and received yet another salary raise yesterday. I didn’t expect that. I’m so thankfullllllll, God.

Working for this company I’m with now gave me confidence in my writing skills. It’s also the reason why I have this blog now. It gave me confidence to have a ‘real’ blog besides my Tumblr account. Hehe. It also gave me the confidence to try getting published with big websites such as Thought Catalog, etc.


Because of the 3-year straight of great things for the past August 17’s, I am somewhat looking forward to something special that can happen today. But, because I was feeling a bit down for the past few days, negativity’s been creeping in.

When I thought that this day will just be a normal day, I received an email from one of the editors of Thought Catalog. An article I submitted weeks ago got published today! It’s my fourth published article on Thought Catalog. Yay! As someone who loves to write / someone who dreams of being published / someone who dreams of having a book one day, an email like that is enough to make me happy. It really made my day.

What happened today may not be as special and grand as the memories given to me in 2013, 2014, and 2015, I’m equally thankful and joyful. I realized that merely looking back at those beautiful memories is already a blessing. Having something beautiful to reminisce is enough to be joyful and thankful. More than that, I realized as I looked back, these memories became special because God’s been a part of them all.

What’s with August Seventeen? Up to now, I really don’t have a specific answer yet. I’m just thankful to God for all the great memories He allowed to happen on this same day for the past four years. Four years. What a blessing!

Thank You, thank You, thank You, God for allowing me to have these memories I could treasure all the days of my life. With or without these, I’ll still be happy because I know I have You & You’ve been with me ever since. πŸ™‚


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