The Happiest Place On Earth

I realized that I am happiest
when You’re around me,
when You’re wrapping me
with Your love and grace,
two gifts I never deserved,
gifts You still gave me anyway.

Without Your presence,
even Disney will fall short
of being the happiest place
on this whole earth.

The happiest place on earth
isn’t a place at all.
It was never a “where.”
It was a question of “who.”
It was with You all along.
It was in Your presence all along.

P.S. Thank You for making me experience Disney Tokyo though. Without You in that trip, it wouldn’t be as magical as it had been. Thank You for making a way to bind us as a family in a place called Disney. Thank You for making things such as this possible. It’s something I never imagined I would experience at all. Disney experience or not, You are my happiest place. You made me realize I’m at my happiest in Your presence, regardless of physical location.  🙂

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