Poem | Shibuya Scramble

My thoughts — all kinds of them,
My principles,
My ideals,
My realities,
They turn my head into a busy crossing.
Their footsteps trample on my peace.
So here I am, troubled, listless, and wondering,
“How do I get back to the peace and quiet?”
“How do I start over and get back up again?”

While others see nothing wrong,
While they see the calm in me,
Deep inside, the voices, the footsteps, they are loud.
Their noises deafen me. They weaken me.
They make me question my beliefs.
But while they try to drown my thoughts and my peace,
I hear a still, small voice silence them.
“I’ve got you and your future, remember?”
“Listen to Me only. Keep your faith in Me.”

And in one command,
The pedestrians stepped back.
They stopped walking.
The contradicting thoughts in my head made peace.
The scramble in my head was put to a halt.
With the red light turned back on,
The busiest crossing is at peace again.
But even when the scramble comes back,
I will remember how to overcome.
I will remember where to find my peace.



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a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time.

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