Poem | Do Not Listen

You’ve got two ears to hear
and only one mouth to speak.
But don’t listen all the time,
I’ve observed it makes you weak.

When they tell you you’re not worth it,
do not listen and hum a song instead.
You are far more worthy than rubies.
You are a unique masterpiece.

When they tell you you’re no good.
plug your ear piece and shut the lie.
You are you for a purpose and reason.
Don’t let the lies make you cry.

When they tell you you ain’t pretty,
remember how caterpillars turn to butterflies.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Do not listen to every word they say.

When they tell you to be just like them,
stay away and never attempt to be.
When they tell you that you need to,
take a deep breath, do not be deceived.

You are worthy. You are worth it.
You are special. You are beautiful.
If other people tell you otherwise,
do not believe them, do not listen.



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a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time.

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