Phone in the Water

Phone in the water? It sounds like a mismatch. It truly is.

I usually bring my phone with me in the toilet for music, reading, or browsing while I poo. For the many timesssssssssssssssssssssssssss I did this, it was only last night that I finally learned not to ever do it again.

Why? I accidentally dropped my phone in a pail of water. I was still lucky though that the pail was only about three-fourths full. However, I was still in shock and sooooooooooooooo scared that it won’t work again.

After getting my phone out of the water as quick as I can, it started making this weird, trembling sound. In fear, I immediately removed the battery and wiped off the traces of water. Then, I placed it inside a plastic bag filled with rice and hid it in my drawer. I hoped and prayed that it will be fine by the next morning. I almost couldn’t sleep. I was worried on how I’ll wake up on time as my phone also serves as my alarm clock.

I thank the Lord He woke me up the next morning without the need of an alarm. He even woke me up at an earlier time than usual. Regarding my phone? To my fear and dismay, it still isn’t working. It still produces this weird, trembling sound and still doesn’t open. I was so afraid. I can’t tell my parents. This time, I placed it in our huge rice container in the kitchen. In my mind, bahala na.

I don’t know what to do. After preparing my packed lunch and getting myself ready for work, I prayed to God, admitted my fault, and said sorry. I was in tears. Before leaving home, I checked my phone again and tried if it will work already.

And, surprisingly, it came back to life. Thank You, Lord. More than bringing my phone back, I thank You for the lesson. I learned it the scary way. And though it looked fine before I left home, it started showing signs of battery problems at work. Uh-oh. My fear came back. But, as of tonight, my phone totally works fine again. Whew.

What happened to me in the course of a day is like a more practical experience for me to understand and put into heart that my choices truly have their consequences — whether they’re good or bad. In this experience, I reaped a scary consequence for my wrong choice of bringing my phone to a place where it shouldn’t be.

Bringing my phone in the bathroom puts it at risk of getting wet, or worse, getting drowned in a pail of water. It doesn’t belong in that place in the first place. Likewise in life, bringing myself to a questionable situation, place, or thought is like putting myself at risk or on the ledge of falling into sin.

Often times, we think that we are strong enough to fight sin that we still come near the ledge. But, in reality, we should be careful not to put ourselves in danger.

“If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.”
– 1 Corinthians 10:12

In my case, I was so complacent thinking that, “Wala namang mangyayari sa phone ko. I usually do this naman, and there’s no harm in it.” But, this time, the inevitable happened.

Bringing my phone to the bathroom is one of the perfect examples of bringing myself near the ledge of sin.

It’s like reading a questionable material and expecting not to fall to sin.
It’s like looking at an inappropriate image and expecting to stay pure.
It’s like entering a wrong relationship and expecting not to compromise.
It’s like entertaining thoughts of insecurity and expecting not to feel defeated.

Another thing I’ve learned from this “phone-in-the-water” experience is to be more intentional in being a good steward of the possessions I’ve been blessed with. I should have been more intentional in caring for the things entrusted to me. I should have not brought my phone to a place that can pose harm to it. Likewise, I should treasure the free gift of salvation I received from God. I shouldn’t risk playing with the enemy and pose harm to my spirit.

If I didn’t bring it to the bathroom in the first place, it will be at peace and free from danger. If I wouldn’t bring myself to the ledge of something that may defile me, I will be protected and safe. I shouldn’t play with sin. I shouldn’t even come near.

The same way phones don’t belong in places where there’s a risk for water damage, I also shouldn’t be in a place where I’ll defile myself to the dangers of sin.

If you ever happen to read this, don’t bring your phone in the toilet or bath. Learn from me. *wink* I’m just so blessed that mine came back to life. 🙂 And, oh, submerging it in rice and air drying it with a fan worked. But hey, don’t risk it. Prevention is better than cure.

Hoping to make wiser choices,



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