Once Upon A Time

I was browsing my old yahoo mail account and was so happy to reminisce old stuff, messages, conversations, and memories.

Five years after, I’ve realized only now that my 20-year-old self isn’t that bad pala. She was slowly coming out of her comfort zone then as a new graduate, yet she managed to do what she had to do and more. I wish I had given her a high five back then. It’s so nice to reminisce. It’s nicer to reminisce it now. Years after, I appreciate that “me” and season even better.

Once upon a time, my voice was heard on national radio. Haha. Glad I was able to keep the TOA (Tape On Air). Honestly, I almost forgot what TOA means so I Googled it. Haha. And, listening to it five years after is both funny and nostalgic. Okay, cringey too. Well, for the shy me.

Get ready to cringe and laugh out loud with me with this audio clip 😂🤣😅 :

Once upon a time, a billboard layout I made was displayed at A. Bonifacio near the tollgate at NLEX and other areas near Commonwealth. Seeing that old email and the photos, I suddenly remembered the joy and kilig I felt every time I see the billboard on my way home. Para bang napapatanong ako lagi, “Is it real?”

Once upon a time, I designed shirts, calendars, and bag tags too. These merchs were given away to listeners of the former radio station I worked at. It was a proud moment for me so I kept one of each. Seeing them makes me remember the good times.

Once upon a time. Oh, once upon a time. 

Looking back, my 20-year-old self must have been so happy to have done and experienced such things. Underneath the stress back then, doing the things she loved on the side made all the stress bearable. But, in the end, she had to leave that work and bloom some more. Nevertheless, she was thankful. Thank you, Pangga!

Dear twenty, thank you for the great memories.
Dear twenty-five, let’s go and make some moreeeee! 

P.S. Last Saturday, I was able to stroll around my old office’s area. A lot has changed. I was filled with nostalgia that day. I am thankful that once upon a time, God brought me there.


Of Life and Facials

After work, I went to a facial cleaning center. I went to one referred to by a family friend. It’s been five years, I think, since I last had one. So, imagine how much dirt my big pores have accumulated through the years.

It was a bit painful. Some tears fell uncontrollably. Haha. Lumuluha yung mata ko kahit nakapikit.

While the extraction and cleaning are being done to my face and while I’m on my way home, I’ve realized how it could relate to life.

1. There are times when beauty comes after the pain and the breaking.

Though the facial procedure somehow hurts a bit, soon, it will reveal a better, cleaner skin. My face may look a bit sore now from the extractions, but it will look better soon. I hope! Haha

The same goes with life. There are times when a better, more beautiful version of us emerges after a painful situation. BUT, this could only happen if this pain is experienced under the hands of a professional. With facials, the dermatechnician. The extractions may be a bit painful, but she sure knows what she’s doing.

With life, it’s God. Under His supervision, pain can turn to something good.

2. If there’s something to be fixed, don’t wait toooooooo long before addressing it. Doing so can spare us from unnecessary pain.

If I only went to a facial center earlier, there won’t be as much whiteheads and blackheads to be removed through painful extractions. There won’t be much to be removed to have a cleaner, better skin.

The same goes with life, if we would only come as early as we can to have our lives and character be fixed by God, we can spare ourselves from additional pain. Mas patatagalin, mas maraming aayusin, pwedeng maging mas masakit.

3. Our version 2.0 should be maintained and regularly brought back to the one who made it that way.

It takes effort and discipline to keep a clean skin always clean and free from impurities. Although impurities can’t be completely eliminated, with discipline (eating healthier, going to the derma regularly, and having healthy habits) it can be less and less.

In life, as a Christian specifically, it also takes discipline on my/our part to make every effort to protect our salvation so we won’t go back to our old, sinful ways. More than feeding the soul with the Word and thinking of Godly thoughts, I should always go back to Him who made me new. Always.

So, yeah. That’s how my afternoon facial cleansing went. I think it did way more than just clean my face. 💛

LifeLife Lately | Ap’reel

The night before my birthday was completely different from last year’s. I wasn’t crying sad tears anymore. Still cried though, but only because of the movie, Coco. Hehe. So, I welcomed my new year with a happy heart. For that, I’m really thankful. ❤

My pabaon nga pala for this year is Luke 12:31-32. Very very timely.

I spent my birthday at the beach with mama & papa. It’s been a chill and relaxing birthday for me. It was peaceful and intimate. Thank God for quiet beach spots.

As you can see from the above reel, my April has been filled mostly with friends and food. I’m happy to be reunited with my childhood friend and my inaanak. It’s been a long time since we spent time together. From elementary to highschool, we spend almost everyday together. I’m happy that we’re starting to see each other more often again. 

I’m blessed to be surrounded with friends and siblings in Christ who I feel so much comfortable with. I love spending time with them. They make taking a break from introverting worthwhile. Hahaha

This month, I was also able to get an article published on Thought Catalog again. My writer-heart is very happy at that.

I started going back to reading again. Decided to read Chronicles of Narnia. Butttttt, I haven’t finished at least one book. I missed the old reader me. I guess my brain’s too tired from reading at work so I’m more drawn to movies and KDramas instead. Excuses! Haha. I was able to finish two dramas this month — Cheese In The Trap & I Am Not A Robot. 😅

My April which started pretty chill experienced some big waves too. I guess it’s because life is just like that. It isn’t always sunny, but God is still good nonetheless.

And, oh, we’re praying for a new home. I hope for more build-ing than breaking for our family this year. 

What’s with the video? For my silver year, I committed myself to record one second of each day for the entire year. I started on my birthday and so far, here’s how my April went. So that’s it! 

Looking forward to maymories. 

What It’s Like to Find Love That’s Better Than the Fairytales

Growing up to fairytales and Disney, we somehow dreamt of having a fairytale love story of our own someday—magic-filled moments, happily ever after, and someone to share it with. But as we grow older, we realize that our realities are way, way different than the fairytales we dreamt of having.

But, at one point in our life, we’ll meet someone who can give us the kind of love that goes beyond the love shown in fairytales. A bigger kind of love. A love that goes beyond the promise of a happily ever after.

I’m glad to have come across this kind of love. I didn’t find it though. That love found me.

His love was way beyond the magic of how Beauty fell for the Beast. His beauty loved the beast he found in me. He saw my past, faults, flaws, and failures, and yet still chose to love me. He saw me in my darkest moments. He saw the ugly parts I have always tried to hide. Yet, He loved me as is where is and saw through me.

As I surrendered to the love he’s offering me, the ugliness of the curse of my beastly self was broken. Though he loved me as is where is as a beast, his love redeemed and transformed me—and still continues to do so—so I could be my best. Someone as beautiful as he is. I was made new. I was made beautiful again.

His love was far greater than that given by the Prince to Snow White. Once in my life, like Snow White, I was also fooled by the false promises of life’s magic apples, things that look promising but are sugar-coated poison. But, like the Prince, someone came and rescued me from my soul that’s holding on for her dear life.

Like how the Prince’s true love’s kiss awoken Snow White from her sleep, the true love that found me, broke the spell of sin’s poison and awakened my soul from being dead to it. But, his true love came not in the form of a kiss, it came in a cross. And, one day, I too will be taken by my Prince to his kingdom in the heavens.

His love is accepting, like Prince Charming’s love for Cinderella. He didn’t love me for how I looked. His love took me as I am. It is not deterred by what I can give him, my physical attributes, or by my status in life. He loved me not because I was worthy of his love. He just did.

Like Prince Charming, my Prince searched everywhere to find the woman he loves, me. And when he did find me, in my rawest, unadorned, and most real state, it is when he asked me to be his. My Prince asked for my hand even when I was no longer the beautiful ‘princess’ in a sparkly gown, adorned with luxury.

All this, you too, can find. All this you can find in God.

There’s no one too beastly for His love.
There’s no one too lifeless for Him to breathe new life to.
There’s no one too lost that He can’t find.

There’s no one deserving of His love. But, still, He gives it freely and generously none the less.

The question is, will you allow yourself to be found by Him? The real promise of happily ever after awaits you. His love is not make-believe. ♥


Today, April 25, this piece got published on Thought Catalog! 
Here’s the link: https://tcat.tc/2HX8zay 


“You’ve Got Mail”

When mama got home tonight, she handed me a mail. It’s no secret to people who read my blog (mayron nga ba? haha) that I get excited every time I receive physical cards and letters. Since I’m not expecting receiving one, I was really happy.

It was from one of my sponsored children from World Vision. It made me all the more happy.

Unlike the previous ones, this time, this thank you card was from my second sponsored child. As I can remember, this was the first time I’m receiving a picture and card from him. For me, it was extra special and personal.

Looking at his picture, I felt nostalgic.

It all started in April 2014.

Lunch break. I remember it was at that time when God impressed in my heart that my money and the ability to produce wealth–regardless of how big or small–are all from Him. That we’ve been blessed with time, talent, resources, etc. that we can also share with others. 

That leading and the example I saw from my mom led me to also bless someone through World Vision. I started sponsoring a child in April 2014. Then, two years after, when I got a salary increase from my present job, God impressed in me to sponsor another one. The mail I received tonight was from him.

There were times when I feel insecure, thinking I haven’t done much after graduating in 2013. Five years after, I am nowhere near the “success” my batch mates and friends have attained. But, I know these are all mere lies from the enemy. God has a far greater definition for “success,” and that’s what I should focus more on.

I am glad to have received this mail today.

Letters like this one make me realize that I am blessed to be given an opportunity to invest in something bigger — someone else. 

But, this experience I can’t boast of. What I was able to give isn’t mine in the first place. It was God’s. And, the heart to give, I can only credit to Him as well.

I’ve realized that sponsoring children through World Vision has been my greatest invesment (so far). Because though I don’t earn much, somehow, I get to see God work through someone else’s life in doing so. And, I think that makes it all worth it.

Today’s mail has been an encouragement. Really.  And, I’m thankful to have received it at this moment. It was just in time.

P.S. Honestly, I’m having second thoughts on whether I will keep this entry public or private. But as much as I want to keep this a secret, I also want to share this experience to whoever might read this. 

If you want to be involved and experience this joy as well, you can get to know more about World Vision and what they do by visiting their website here: www.worldvision.org.ph

P.S.S. This isn’t a sponsored post. 🙂

Prose | Broken Things

​A guitar with a broken string, though it may still make music, won’t play the same music it plays. A clock with a broken mechanism, though it may be right twice in a day, won’t serve the purpose why it’s made. 

All the other broken things–and broken people–need repair.

And it’s never a sign of weakness to admit the need for one. So, dear broken one, go back to your maker. He sure knows how to make your broken parts whole and good as new. Only then can you be your best version yet again.

As you go back, let humility be the free ticket to take you there.