The Pause Button

​What seem to be normal days became taxing. The things I used to enjoy like reading and writing don't seem entertaining anymore. The work I then loved became a routine that I'm starting to get tired of.  Other peoples' weight and problems also seem to drag me down. Sad memories and regrets also accompany the… Continue reading The Pause Button


What Demanded to Be Felt

For the past few weeks, pain and heartaches demanded themselves to be felt. Family stuff. Sickness. Insecurities. Conflicts. Arguments. Resurfacing ghosts. And a lot more. When they came, they poured. And when life started the downpour, it chose to stay for long. When it rained on me, it definitely poured. I always know myself to… Continue reading What Demanded to Be Felt


Out of the Comfort Zone

Last Sunday (Sept. 4) was something I've looked forward to that I'm also nervous about. It was #TripToQuiapoKinse's screening and interview @ UPFI. Coming to UP that rainy Sunday was my last toss of the dice. But, you know what, whether I get chosen or not among the thousands of dreamers who came to the screening and interview,… Continue reading Out of the Comfort Zone

Moments, Wanderings

A Pre-Birthday Time Travel @ Las Casas Filipinas 🚇

To my surprise, my parents planned a trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar as a treat for my upcoming birthday. Little did they know that this idyllic place is one of the places in my dream to-visit list. Yay!Β When they told me about this, I did a little research about the place, rates, directions… Continue reading A Pre-Birthday Time Travel @ Las Casas Filipinas 🚇


Happy Post 😁

Hi, I just want to share and document my joy. Hihihi. As a writer-wannabe, it's always an ecstatic feeling every single time something you wrote gets published. There's that happiness you can't exactly put into words every single time you see your name on the author byline. Β More than that, the thought of getting to… Continue reading Happy Post 😁