Prose | Broken Things

​A guitar with a broken string, though it may still make music, won’t play the same music it plays. A clock with a broken mechanism, though it may be right twice in a day, won’t serve the purpose why it’s made. 

All the other broken things–and broken people–need repair.

And it’s never a sign of weakness to admit the need for one. So, dear broken one, go back to your maker. He sure knows how to make your broken parts whole and good as new. Only then can you be your best version yet again.

As you go back, let humility be the free ticket to take you there.



#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus VI


Will you fear the wind
or use its strength to set sail?
I hope you choose well.

| Sail | 040618 |


Thank you’s not enough.
You have given me so much.
You’ve given me You.

| You | 040818 |


Even when you’re down,
in misery, rainbows can
land right at your feet.

| Hope | 032718 |

Prose | Embrace

Frustrations came. Pain came right after. I’m not a great host. I want to shoo them and pretend nobody’s home. But, I know I can’t. Because even if I act as if they weren’t there, the truth won’t be altered.

What should I do? I don’t want to welcome them in again. But, if I kept the door shut, will they truly go away? They’re outside my door. Waiting. And, there they will always be.

Embrace it, they said. So I did.

And slowly, as I embraced them, little by little, they disappeared. When I allowed the tears to flow, they were washed away.

And while painfully doing so, in my tears and my why’s, little did I know or I might have just forgotten, I was caught in a far bigger embrace. I was caught and carried in His.

Then, I remembered.
It’s easier as “us” than “I” alone.

Poem | Dandelion Wishes

You make her want to wish,
but not the kind most people think,
not wishes of fortune, beauty, nor fame.
She wishes to fit into your mold.

She wishes to be bold, filled with a lot of guts to speak her mind.
She wishes to be more outgoing, less likely to spend time alone.
She wishes to be more affectionate, without fear to show how she feels.
She wishes to love mornings, even when it’s at night that she blooms.

All these, she wishes to be,
all because she wants to honor you.

Yet, if these wishes won’t come true,
She wishes you would love her the same.
Because if these wishes won’t come true,
She wishes to love herself the same.

She wishes to.
She really do.

Poem | SOS

​Her thoughts brew a storm.
There seems to be no escape.
Her insecurities scream.
They pull her down and drown her.
She needs saving.

She needs not a raft nor a boat.
She needs a who —
the One who calms storms,
the One who parts the sea,
the One who quiets the wind.

She knows who she needs, and
She’s thankful that he hears her.
As she cries “I need saving,”
He says, “Come and walk on water.
I can do more than just save you.”


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V


Rest your weary feet.
There’s a longer road to take.
Pause, but do not quit.

| Pause | 092917 |


When hope is missing,
Know that it’s not yet the end.
Your story goes on.

| Semicolon | 083117 |


In the raging seas
when I’m too close to sinking,
Your light gives me hope.

| Lighthouse | 101117 |

P.S. This is dedicated to anyone suffering from depression or any circumstance in life that drags them down.
In line with Mental Health Awareness Month, dear you, #KeepGoing. Here’s a virtual hug too!


Short Story | A Night in the Park

There was a young woman who loves to sneak out at midnight. Not to the clubs or the bars, but to the city park. There she could just be alone, free from everyone.

She’ll play her favorite songs and sing along. She’ll sit by the old wooden park bench; And when she gets bored, she’ll write her thoughts in a notebook with her mom’s old pen.

The stars and the moon were her only light every time she hangs out there every single night. The silhouette of trees and nearby houses are her only sights.

She’s enjoying inside her little world when a shadow caught her sight. A tall figure was sitting on the next bench to her right.

For a long time, nobody else stays in the park at midnight but she; So she wondered who or what could that be.

She slowly rose from her seat and took a peek. She saw a man reading a book while drinking a carton of milk.

She gathered her courage to come closer. He looked a little bit her age or older. He was wearing a smile on his face as he reads. She suddenly felt conscious and hid behind the tall weeds.

She didn’t know that he noticed her. So he stood and went up to her. He offered his hand to help her stand. She was so surprised that she reached for his hand.

She felt awkward but happy. She wondered how it would feel like to have some company. He held her by the elbows while she stood; and told her that it’s dangerous for a woman to stay out at night in the neighborhood.

He went back to his seat and picked up his book. She went back to her seat and just took a look. He stood once again and walked to her direction. He introduced himself and started a conversation.

She discovered that they were from the same university; And that he was also a mainstay in the univ’s library. He told her of his favorite reads. She told him hers.

They felt comfortable exchanging thoughts. They seemed like old friends when they talked. They talked for hours about music, books, films, almost anything. She found a male version of her in him.

The sun rose and the darkness faded. They finished the conversation that they didn’t want to end. They shook hands and said their goodbyes; leaving each other with hopeful smiles.

He left her a note in her notebook. What he wrote, I wasn’t allowed to look. But, from then on, she’s never seen alone.


This one’s originally posted here:

I am having a downtime at work today because the Internet connection & network is down. To kill time and boredom, I’ve thought of visiting my old tumblr blog & reading my ancient posts. Haha. Tadaaaa! Because of that, I found this short fiction story I wrote from years ago. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did. Hehehe. Have a nice day! 🙂