Poem | A Love Unlike Any Other

I tried to search for love in so many other things that I looked past the one who's been constantly waiting. I am just a nobody with many countless flaws, yet He still chose to love me at any given cost. He thought of me always even in the beginning. He even sacrificed His all… Continue reading Poem | A Love Unlike Any Other


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus I

Two blank seats await; a divine reservation we both don't know of. | Reserved | 050817 | Pain found its purpose. Tears watered her soul, and yet she bloomed all the more. | Bloom | 051017 | In my pitch black nights, Your light always shines on me. You silence my fears. | Moon |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus I


What Demanded to Be Felt

For the past few weeks, pain and heartaches demanded themselves to be felt. Family stuff. Sickness. Insecurities. Conflicts. Arguments. Resurfacing ghosts. And a lot more. When they came, they poured. And when life started the downpour, it chose to stay for long. When it rained on me, it definitely poured. I always know myself to… Continue reading What Demanded to Be Felt