#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus III

Dear sir songwriter, I'm off to find a new song. Until then, so long. | Goodbye Song | 081717 | Tempted to escape. That's how I am when you're near. Though, I want to stay. | Crush | 081717 | Our story's ended. A new chapter awaits me. A new me ensues. | Epilogue |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus III


#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus I

Two blank seats await; a divine reservation we both don't know of. | Reserved | 050817 | Pain found its purpose. Tears watered her soul, and yet she bloomed all the more. | Bloom | 051017 | In my pitch black nights, Your light always shines on me. You silence my fears. | Moon |… Continue reading #HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus I