This Is the Kind of Love You Should Pursue

In search for the love you want and hope for, you'll meet different kinds of love in its many forms. Some will fail you and still leave you empty, but in your search, you'll meet one that will fully satisfy all the longings of your heart. That's the kind of love you should pursue. To… Continue reading This Is the Kind of Love You Should Pursue


Poem | Of Insecurities and Antidotes

When my mirror says I ain't pretty, I tell myself - that may be true. But, my God and Creator says I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows me better than I do. I'm not destined to just be 'pretty'. It's just a five-letter adjective. We are to be pretty nice, pretty kind, pretty loving… Continue reading Poem | Of Insecurities and Antidotes


Happy Post 😁

Hi, I just want to share and document my joy. Hihihi. As a writer-wannabe, it's always an ecstatic feeling every single time something you wrote gets published. There's that happiness you can't exactly put into words every single time you see your name on the author byline.  More than that, the thought of getting to… Continue reading Happy Post 😁


All About Love

February. As you flip your calendar to this month, what comes to your mind? It's LOVE, right? The four-letter word becomes the trending topic - including every single thing and any thing related to it. Flowers. Couples. Romance. Relationship. Hearts. Chocolates. Love life. Love letters. Kilig. But, love is more than that. Love is far greater than the… Continue reading All About Love