“Ezer” Sunday

My past phone-in-the water experience felt like a preview of yesterday's Sunday message, Flee from Immorality. Having had struggles with impurity in the past (and at times even at present), the message really resonated with me. It hit. But, the reminder of how God loved me for who I was and who I am hit me harder. I… Continue reading “Ezer” Sunday


Out of the Comfort Zone

Last Sunday (Sept. 4) was something I've looked forward to that I'm also nervous about. It was #TripToQuiapoKinse's screening and interview @ UPFI. Coming to UP that rainy Sunday was my last toss of the dice. But, you know what, whether I get chosen or not among the thousands of dreamers who came to the screening and interview,… Continue reading Out of the Comfort Zone

Moments, Wanderings

A Pre-Birthday Time Travel @ Las Casas Filipinas 🚇

To my surprise, my parents planned a trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar as a treat for my upcoming birthday. Little did they know that this idyllic place is one of the places in my dream to-visit list. Yay! When they told me about this, I did a little research about the place, rates, directions… Continue reading A Pre-Birthday Time Travel @ Las Casas Filipinas 🚇