#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus V


Rest your weary feet.
There’s a longer road to take.
Pause, but do not quit.

| Pause | 092917 |


When hope is missing,
Know that it’s not yet the end.
Your story goes on.

| Semicolon | 083117 |


In the raging seas
when I’m too close to sinking,
Your light gives me hope.

| Lighthouse | 101117 |

P.S. This is dedicated to anyone suffering from depression or any circumstance in life that drags them down.
In line with Mental Health Awareness Month, dear you, #KeepGoing. Here’s a virtual hug too!



#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus IV


Dear little light bulb,
You’re not meant to shine alone.
Plug in to a source.

| Light | 081717 |


Oh what joy it is
to see life in full color
after dark detours.

| Color | 061317 |


Never giving up
That’s how your love is for me.
Always pursuing.

| J316 | 082317 |

Disclaimer: The photo used for the last haiku is originally from pexels. All other photos are taken by me. 🙂

#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus III

goodbye song

Dear sir songwriter,
I’m off to find a new song.
Until then, so long.

| Goodbye Song | 081717 |


Tempted to escape.
That’s how I am when you’re near.
Though, I want to stay.

| Crush | 081717 |


Our story’s ended.
A new chapter awaits me.
A new me ensues.

| Epilogue | 081817 |

#HAIKUllection | A Series of Haikus I


Two blank seats await;
a divine reservation
we both don’t know of.

| Reserved | 050817 |


Pain found its purpose.
Tears watered her soul, and yet
she bloomed all the more.

| Bloom | 051017 |


In my pitch black nights,
Your light always shines on me.
You silence my fears.

| Moon | 050617 |