Poem | Do Not Listen

You’ve got two ears to hear
and only one mouth to speak.
But don’t listen all the time,
I’ve observed it makes you weak.

When they tell you you’re not worth it,
do not listen and hum a song instead.
You are far more worthy than rubies.
You are a unique masterpiece.

When they tell you you’re no good.
plug your ear piece and shut the lie.
You are you for a purpose and reason.
Don’t let the lies make you cry.

When they tell you you ain’t pretty,
remember how caterpillars turn to butterflies.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Do not listen to every word they say.

When they tell you to be just like them,
stay away and never attempt to be.
When they tell you that you need to,
take a deep breath, do not be deceived.

You are worthy. You are worth it.
You are special. You are beautiful.
If other people tell you otherwise,
do not believe them, do not listen.



“What if the person you like doesn’t like you back?”

Paano kung hindi ka gusto ng taong gusto mo?”
Paano siya magkakagusto sa’yo?”

I was thinking of something to blog, and the above questions from the previous retreat’s special night came to mind. As for guys, they can exert extra effort to win a girl’s heart. But, as for ladies, it’s different. God designed women uniquely. Women are meant to be pursued, not to pursue. If a guy we like doesn’t like us back, then we can’t do something about that other than be our real selves. Accept, move on, and lift our feelings up to the Lord instead.

Kasi if we think of doing something to make that someone like us back, we can fall into the dangerous path of manipulating things. We can stalk them all we want and pretend to like the things they’re interested in. We can try to be someone that they would like. Yes, we may succeed on that, but, they wouldn’t really-authentically-genuinely like us. They will only like the pretend version we made of ourselves. Parang hindi naman maganda ‘yun, hindi ba?

If they don’t like us back the way we want to, then, maybe it’s not really meant to be. There may also be other reasons we may not know yet. But, keep this in mind, someone not liking us back doesn’t decrease our worth and value. Our worth and value as a woman and as a person isn’t dependent on what people think about us; it’s dependent on what our Creator says about us – how God sees us. Let God tell us who we are. He created us. He definitely knows us best.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14)

Oo, we can feel bad, and at times ask questions like “Bakeeeettttttt?“, “Is something wrong with me?“, “Am I not beautiful?“, etcetera, etcetera. It’s normal. It happens. Pero, we shouldn’t let these negative thoughts linger in our minds. Mauuwi tayo sa party – pity party. Someone not liking us back doesn’t mean there’s always something wrong with us. Let’s always go back to the Word, and see our real value and worth. Let’s see how God sees us first.

Paano kung hindi ka gusto ng taong gusto mo?”
Paano siya magkakagusto sa’yo?”

Eh ‘di hindi. Wala kang gagawin. The right person for you will like you just the way you are. More elaboration below.

Ang point ko lang naman ay, you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not for someone to like you. You are you for a reason. Remember this, your “God’s best” will see you the way God sees you. (Thanks to Doms for this quote) Kung hindi ka like nung like mo, baka hindi naman kasi siya or hindi pa siya yung alam mo na or may ibang plans si God for you. Don’t focus on that guy or on how he could like you back.

Just focus on who God wants you to be, and who you are according to God. Change for God, not for the man you like. Be your best self for God first. Good night! ☺

Happy Post 😁

Hi, I just want to share and document my joy. Hihihi. As a writer-wannabe, it’s always an ecstatic feeling every single time something you wrote gets published. There’s that happiness you can’t exactly put into words every single time you see your name on the author byline.  More than that, the thought of getting to inspire at least one person through something you wrote is really an opportunity and a blessing.

A month ago, I posted a blog (“Dear, you are far greater than mere labels.” ) about how our real worth and value are not defined and limited by our labels. It came to mind during our Prayer and Fasting week. In the past, I used to be the girl who was so insecure. I always felt inferior. I always felt like I need to belong. I have looked for my worth and value on the wrong things and situations. I felt as if “labels” define me. But, I thank the Lord for rescuing me from my past, from my insecurities, and for making me realize that my worth and value isn’t found in the world. It’s found in Him. Thank You for His love that gave me security. Although, I still struggle with insecurity at certain points in my life (especially during PMS. hehe), I know and I am reminded that I do not need labels. Who I need is Jesus. I always go back to the truth that even though I am a sinner, He loved me still. His love met me in my mess.

So, going back, the blog post I posted on this blog, I also submitted to Thought Catalog. I think I submitted it in January, and after a few weeks I still haven’t heard from them. So, I thought that my article didn’t make the cut. Then, I also tried submitting it to Berlin-ArtParasites website. (Taas ng dreams. Haha) After a few more days, I have resolved that my article won’t make it on both websites. If it’s meant to get published on those sites, it will.

The morning of February 6th, I saw a message on my inbox. It’s from Thought Catalog!!! I was so happy as I read it. My article got published. Yay! More than that, I saw it on their homepage. I can’t describe my joy. I know writer-wannabes like me could relate. Hehe. So, I ended up print screen-ing everything. Hahaha

Wow, Nasa homepage yung sinulat ko.png
They replaced the title with “7 Labels Happy People Never Use To Define Themselves.” (Homepageeeeeee. Waaaaaaaaaa!)
Nasa Twitter din ng TC ayyyy grabeee
Nasa FB page din ng Thought Catalog Waaaaaa

Yes, that’s how happy I am. More than the joy of seeing my article get published on Thought Catalog, I felt the opportunity to share my article to more people. It doesn’t matter how many. I just want to share the message. It might reach someone who needs it. Hehe. Although, there were a few nega comments on the TC page, I read one that made me smile. Napasabi ako sa sarili ko, solve na. Sulit na. One lady commented on the article and said,

My heart went ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwww’. Thank You, Lord!

But, when I thought that it’s all over for this article — I received another great news today. The same article was published in Berlin-ArtParasites’s website too! My heart is so happy! A very, very, very good bonus.

Pardon the image that they used. Hehehe
The last two paragraphs. And the byline. Huhuhu. My name! So happy!

I’ve realized that nothing is impossible. Let’s keep dreaming! 🙂 And, I also pray that I won’t only write for myself. I pray that this gift of writing (that I still need to improve on. Hehehe) will be used by God for His purposes.

And, to end, here’s one of my favorite songs by Tenth Avenue North, “You are More.”

Good night! Remember, you are valued. You are special. Go to God and experience the same love that saved, changed, and secured me. ♥